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Edmonton Foosball at Time Out Pub

The best/main place in the city to find a game is Time Out Pub. There are permanently two tables that are well maintained and looked after about 3 times a week. If you are new to Foosball and just want to check it out, drop by on a Saturday night if you can! Typically there [...]

Spring/Summer Foos Schedule

Once the league is done it doesn’t mean Foos is done for the summer!
Make sure you check the league schedule a little further down the news page so you can see your teams remaining games and the playoff schedule! Some playoff games will still be on when the list below commences, so if you are [...]

EFL Playoffs

Week 9 Points update

2013 Foosball Schedule


Standings Update

EFL Standings Week 1

Edmonton Foosball League Schedule Round 2

Schedule Update