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EFL Standings Week 3


Top Players:

IMPORTANT: Schedule Change for this week

Please note that the Schedule has been amended this week. In the original schedule two teams played each other twice – an oversight by the EFL. The schedule has the following changes:
Foosball University vs EEFC changed from 8:00 to 7:30 start time
Rockin Rollers vs FoosFighters both have new opponents and start time. 9:30 at Time [...]

EFL Standings Week 2


Top Players List:

Top Scorers:

Goals Against Leaders:

EFL Standings


Top Players List:

Top Scorers List:

Best Goals Against Average:

Edmonton Foosball League Schedule

Here is the EFL Schedule for the first month:

New League Format

Register your team for the Edmonton Foosball League! The EFL teams play games on Tuesday Nights. The first week for the EFL is October 23rd, schedules will be released on October 19th .
Teams are not allowed to have more than two Pro or Pro Master ranked players based on the Table Soccer Association of Canada’s [...]

Foosball at Time Out Pub

There is a lot of Foosball action at Time Out Pub (96 st and 66 ave) right now! Nearly every day of the week you can just drop in and find a game or two… but putting a post up on the message board doesn’t hurt if you want to get some competition out. [...]

Congrats to Team Canada

Edmonton Foosball is proud to congratulate all of the Gold Medal winning Team Canada! Will Stranks, Darcy Scaife, Ben Wilkins, and Christian Dunn from the Edmonton Foosball League were all members of the 7 man team that went over and won the Foosball World Cup in Nantes, France!

Edmonton Foosball League Tables for Sale!

EFL has Foosball tables for sale!
$1150 – Fireball USA Pro Tour Tables! – Arguably the best Foosball table ever made. Fast rods, great handles, man design, and all around a really cool looking table also! Check the web site for pictures!
$550 – Pathmark Games Heavy Duty Table – Natural wood finish, strong cabinet and [...]

Tuesday June 7th BIG EVENT!

This week we are going to do a DYT (Draw Your Team) event.
$50 Added, Winning team takes the whole pot!
Last time we did a team event it was one of the favorites by almost everyone, and although we have only done it once (maybe twice?) people ask about it all the time. Everyone seemed to [...]