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Gateway Edmonton Results Tuesday Aug 18

What a tournament we had this tuesday night. This was the first tuesday night tourney that we had so many new players. In certainly has a lot to do with the West Ed Mall event on saturday and we can really see the results of the work we put in. We found a lot of [...]

Gateway Entertainment Center Results July 21

Last night we did an Open DYP. For the most part it was a really good tournament…
Sam and Christian won the tournament, in impressive fashion. Christian really added a whole new level last night I think. It was a 5 bar demolition against Ben and I in the final, and he shot really well too. [...]

Gateway Entertainment Center Results July 28

On Tuesday we did a ProAm draw. It seems that everything went really well, but I didn’t make it there until well after start time.
Way to go Ben and Jeff! Ben you have really developed into an amazing player lately, keep it up. Jeff I hadn’t seen play before but great blocking and a really [...]

Gateway Entertainment Center Results July 14th

We did a ProAm draw – with a total of 18 players. It was a good tournament. Simon was finally back out again, and along with Albert(who bricked Christian in the final) won the tournament. It was great see Jamie come out, I guess its been about 3 years since he played last but his [...]

Tuesday Night Gateway Entertainment Center Results

Last night we did a BYP where players couldn’t play with past partners. I think the event was a success, and everyone had a good time. It was nice play with Garry, I really learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. Garry and Christian are tied for 1st in points now, sets [...]

Edmonton Results Tuesday June 9

1st Place $60: Tom and Chris
2nd Place $25: Will and Tobin
3rd Place: Rick and Chad
Dunn, Christian 1203
Penner, Roger 1110
Burgardt, Garry 1092
Stranks, Will 1066
Edwards, Simon 1063
Lawrence, Shane 1007
Demelo, Ivor 997
McDonald, Tom 992
Dick, Matt 968
Kippen, Rick 967
Campbell, Lance 957
Smithson, Justin 954
Kelly, Brad 943
Deeg, Phil 929
Rupertus, Lindsey 927
Kerr, Chris 925
Wilkins, Ben 923
Jordan, Darren 909
Johnston, Mike 904
Jamerson, Rick 901
x, [...]

Tuesday June 2 Results

Last night was a BYP, and it was cool to see that even on the nicest day we have had yet this year we got a really solid turnout of players. Anyway, the results:
1st Ben and Christian
2nd Garry and Shane
3rd Sam and Tobin(nice work guys!)
No Pro:
1. Chad and Paul
2. Tobin and Sam
Points update:
Dunn, Christian 1226
Burgardt, [...]

May 26th Tuesday Night Results

Last night we did a ProAm again, I think it went really well and everyone had a good time. It was nice to see Tom and Ritchie out again, we had a bunch of really good teams because of that.
1st: Christian and Paul
2nd: Will and Ritchie
3rd: Garry and Sam
Points Update:
Dunn, Christian 1204
Penner, Roger 1110
Burgardt, [...]

Tuesday Results

This week was fun because we had a singles tournament. I think it seemed like everyone was a little bit worn out from the weekend in Calgary, but it was a really high level of play anyway.
Open Singles:
1st: Garry
2nd: Lindsey
3rd: Will
4th: Roger
NoPro Singles:
1st Rick J.
2nd Chris
3rd Chad
Dunn, Christian 1181
Burgardt, Garry 1134
Roger “slopout” Penner 1088
Edwards, Simon [...]