Monthly Archives: June 2009

Edmonton Results Tuesday June 9

1st Place $60: Tom and Chris
2nd Place $25: Will and Tobin
3rd Place: Rick and Chad
Dunn, Christian 1203
Penner, Roger 1110
Burgardt, Garry 1092
Stranks, Will 1066
Edwards, Simon 1063
Lawrence, Shane 1007
Demelo, Ivor 997
McDonald, Tom 992
Dick, Matt 968
Kippen, Rick 967
Campbell, Lance 957
Smithson, Justin 954
Kelly, Brad 943
Deeg, Phil 929
Rupertus, Lindsey 927
Kerr, Chris 925
Wilkins, Ben 923
Jordan, Darren 909
Johnston, Mike 904
Jamerson, Rick 901
x, [...]

Tuesday June 2 Results

Last night was a BYP, and it was cool to see that even on the nicest day we have had yet this year we got a really solid turnout of players. Anyway, the results:
1st Ben and Christian
2nd Garry and Shane
3rd Sam and Tobin(nice work guys!)
No Pro:
1. Chad and Paul
2. Tobin and Sam
Points update:
Dunn, Christian 1226
Burgardt, [...]