Monthly Archives: January 2010

Tuesday Jan 26th Results and Points Update

Last night we did a singles tournament. We had a lot of new players out, I think there was a total of 7 first time tournament players. It was really exciting to see a bunch of new faces and they all seemed excited about playing foosball. It was great to see them learn what the [...]

Tuesday Jan 12 DYP Results and Point Update

Last night we did a DYP with 16 players. It was nice to see some new faces out and overall the event went really well.
One thing that is certain, when Shane is on like he was last night it is incredible to watch. Sam and I had a blast watching the final together, and with [...]

Edmonton Tuesday Results and Points Update

This week we did a ProAm Draw – it went really smoothly because we didn’t have many teams compared to normal probably because of the Christmas season. All in all 12 participants – but still enough to have a few really competetive teams.
The final of the tournament this week had a funny story line to [...]