Monthly Archives: February 2011

Big News in Edmonton

The EFL has purchased 5 BRAND NEW T-3000 tables which are shipping to Edmonton right now. Although we have been trying to get them here for months, the current plan is that we will receive them before Saturday Feb. 26th.
We will now have 6 tables in Gateway which should speed up the tournaments and give [...]

Tuesday Feb 15th Results and Points Update

We did a super singles tournament on Tuesday, and had 30 people show up for the event. The crazy thing about it was that all 30 had played league before at least once, not one brand new player.
Super Singles means that we divide the league into Tiers, we did it strictly off points, so most [...]

Tuesday Feb. 8th Results and Points Update

This week we did a Super Draw Your Partner!
Any event that is preceded by the name Super means we divide the league up into two tiers. We had the highest ranked 8 players playing in one DYP, and the lower ranked 10 players playing in the second DYP. Once the two DYP’s finished, we had [...]

April Fireball Tournament Announced!

The EFL has announced a huge tournament coming up in April at West Edmonton Mall on the incredible new Fireball table.

Tuesday Feb 1st Results and Points Update

This week we did two events. One was an 1800 Limited, where you could partner up with any other player as long as the total points ended up being under 1800.
The other event we did was Singles. Pretty much if you had more than 1000 points you were playing singles, we did 3/5 to get [...]