Gateway Edmonton Results Tuesday Aug 18


What a tournament we had this tuesday night. This was the first tuesday night tourney that we had so many new players. In certainly has a lot to do with the West Ed Mall event on saturday and we can really see the results of the work we put in. We found a lot of foosers that love the game and are really good(certanly not newbies) but probably arn’t used to the “Pro” game we play.

We did a handicapped draw, and I think it went really well. I would say almost every team had a chance to win. We probably wont do many of these draws but it was a nice change. Thanks to whoever invented the system used in Calgary because we just stole it!

Anyway – I went over to Sam/Ben/Tobins place after the tourney for some browntop TS foos and I forgot to bring the foos bag home with me after so I don’t have the charts. I wasn’t planning on putting this one into netfoos either becuase of the handicapping.

Next Week – ProAm Draw!

1st: $55 JazzyJeff and Chris Kerr (Great playing guys!
2nd: $35 Garry and Shaun
3rd: $25 Tom and Rick

As a side not 3 of the guys that placed in the money only played there first tournament within the last 5 months.