Gateway Entertainment Center Results July 28

On Tuesday we did a ProAm draw. It seems that everything went really well, but I didn’t make it there until well after start time.

Way to go Ben and Jeff! Ben you have really developed into an amazing player lately, keep it up. Jeff I hadn’t seen play before but great blocking and a really quick release on the pull shot will take him to a lot of wins i think. It was nice to see Gerald out as well.

1st $50 Ben and Jeff
2nd $30 Roger and Chris
3rd $25 Jamie and Des

Points Update:
Dunn, Christian 1277
Penner, Roger 1193
Burgardt, Garry 1163
Edwards, Simon 1114
Stranks, Will 1108
Lawrence, Shane 1035
McDonald, Tom 1003
Demelo, Ivor 997
Dick, Matt 968
Wilkins, Ben 967
s, Albert 963
Campbell, Lance 957
X, Jeff 956
Smithson, Justin954
Kippen, Rick 953
Rupertus, Lindsey943
Deeg, Phil 929
Jamerson, Rick 926
Macdonald, Jon 899
Moir, Zak 896
X, Darnel 892
x, Jamie 884
Wood, Greg 882
X, Gerald 877
Bennett, Doug 877
Cabay, Codie 876
Daly, Ritchie 874
Baayens, Dean 874
Myszczyszyn, Tobin866
Hewson, Craig 849
Tse, Desmond 840
X, Rocky 838
X, Uzair 834
Humberstone, Paul834
Johnston, Mike 833
Spencer, Chad 832
Kerr, Chris 826
Volkman, Dallyn 816
H, Jody 803
Jackson, Dan 795
Lehman, Blair 760
Campbell, Carmen731
Wilkins, Sam 712