Edmonton Tuesday Results and Points Update

This week we did a ProAm Draw – it went really smoothly because we didn’t have many teams compared to normal probably because of the Christmas season. All in all 12 participants – but still enough to have a few really competetive teams.

The final of the tournament this week had a funny story line to it as Chad pointed out before it started. Shane and Paul against Roger and Chad. Its funny because Shane and Roger foos together all the time, and so do Chad and Paul.

In the end, Roger and Chad came out on top – congratulations and good work. I know that Chad has really been coming a long way lately, we played together a bunch of times over Christmas and he took about half the best of 3’s we played.

1st $40 Chad and Roger
2nd $20 Paul and Shane
3rd $10 Chris and Ben
Points Update:
Dunn, Christian 1350
Penner, Roger 1271
Stranks, Will 1200
Lawrence, Shane 1149
McDonald, Tom 1117
Edwards, Simon 1114
Burgardt, Garry 1112
Wilkins, Ben 1020
So, Albert 1002
Rupertus, Lindsey 999
Demelo, Ivor 997
Luft, Carey 977
X, Jeff 973
Dick, Matt 968
Goodman, Eric 964
Campbell, Lance 957
Kippen, Rick 956
Smithson, Justin 954
Karmis, Pete 954
Karmis, Ang 954
Kelly, Brad 943
Trynchuk, Dale 941
Deeg, Phil 929
Humberstone, Paul 921
Myszczyszyn, Tobin 920
Kerr, Chris 918
Jordan, Darren 909
Wong, Felix 907
Simeon, Jamie 900
Spencer, Chad 898
Moir, Zak 897
Daly, Ritchie 876
Wilkins, Sam 873
Sereda, Nikki 869
Johnston, Mike 861
X, Darnel 860
Scaife, Darcy 859
Macdonald, Jon 843
Tse, Desmond 817
Volkman, Dallyn 816
Hasiuk, Jody 805
Fester, David 801
Jackson, Dan 800
Lehman, Blair 800
Jamerson, Rick 800
Campbell, Carmen 800
X, Uzair 800