Tuesday Jan 26th Results and Points Update

Last night we did a singles tournament. We had a lot of new players out, I think there was a total of 7 first time tournament players. It was really exciting to see a bunch of new faces and they all seemed excited about playing foosball. It was great to see them learn what the `tournament scene`is all about, but also show the stuff they had – and some of it was pretty good.

In No Pro singles Dan beat Uzair in the final, it seemed to be a hard fought match, I was playing in a game on another table when it happened but I think it went to a second match.

In Open Singles there was a few really good games too. I saw Uzair battle with Carey and take it to a third game, 5-3.

Paul also went really deep into the event, finishing only behind, Myself, Christian, Garry, and Ben.

Garry ripped me apart from his 3 bar in the first match I had against him, and he did what he called improvising on his 5 bar. I think I started to pick up on something with the wall and lane combo he normally uses so he just starting slapping the ball through off time and in different holes than normal… it worked.

I ended up making it back through the losers bracket from there and playing Christian in the final. I have beat Christian in doubles a few times, but I don`t think I had ever won in a tournament in singles before. Needless to say I threw out hollow threats via text message for days previous to this, so he was probably worried coming into the match. I ended up beating Christain 4 strait games to take the win!

I also have been talking to people, and it seems that the validity of the points has been lacking because of the fact that a lot of people in the points system had only played one or two tournaments, or hadn`t come out in the last month or two.

I limited the points on this list to only the people that have played at least 3 events, and have showed up within the last couple months of events. I also put 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc next to players names, so you can see from the people on the list where you rank.

1 Dunn, Christian 1352
2 Stranks, Will 1258
3 Penner, Roger 1238
4 McDonald, Tom 1190
5 Lawrence, Shane 1185
6 Burgardt, Garry 1147
7 Wilkins, Ben 1116
8 Edwards, Simon 1100
9 RupertusLindsey 1011
10 Luft, Carey 1006
11 MyszszynTobin 958
12 HumberstonePaul 946
13 Trynchuk, Dale 941
14 Spencer, Chad 911
15 Kerr, Chris 907
16 Simeon, Jamie 900
17 Daly, Ritchie 876
18 Wilkins, Sam 869
19 Tse, Desmond 861
20 Johnston, Mike 842
21 Nasir, Uzair 841
22 Lehman, Blair 812
23 Hasiuk, Jody 805
24 Scaife, Darcy 804
25 HodinskiJasmine 802
26 Volkman, Dallyn 802
27 Jamerson, Rick 800
28 Tanveer 800