Tuesday Jan 12 DYP Results and Point Update

Last night we did a DYP with 16 players. It was nice to see some new faces out and overall the event went really well.

One thing that is certain, when Shane is on like he was last night it is incredible to watch. Sam and I had a blast watching the final together, and with the vast array of what most people would call trick shots just work together to find holes in any defense.

You can’t mention Shane without mentioning Tobin, as they won the DYP together… Tobin turned into a brick wall in the last few games and made a crucial pass 2-3 in the final game. Shane and Tobin came through the losers bracket but double dipped Garry and Roger to take the title and the cash.

Garry and Roger were the favorite to win from the time the draw was finished. In the kingseat game they played against myself and Dallyn. Dallyn played great in the game, and entire tourney, but even with his multiple blocks and great clearing I just couldn’t get enough possesions to win the game. Garry had a great defensive 5 and Roger wouldn’t let anything come out of his zone off the back wall. Great playing by both guys and they deserved the win in that game.

Also worth mentioning is Jasmine and Dallyn winning the No-Pro game, it was nice to see them win some cash and you can see they have been playing a bunch of foos lately. I love seeing the look on players faces the first time Jasmine hits a roller at them.

1st: 40 Tobin and Shane
2nd: 25 Garry and Roger
3rd: 15 Will and Dallyn

No Pro: 20 Dallyn and Jasmine

Points Update:
Dunn, Christian 1356
Stranks, Will 1249
Penner, Roger 1244
Lawrence, Shane 1197
McDonald, Tom 1152
Edwards, Simon 1100
Burgardt, Garry 1097
Wilkins, Ben 1072
Luft, Carey 1012
Rupertus, Lindsey 1011
So, Albert 1002
Demelo, Ivor 997
Schnieder, Jeff 973
Dick, Matt 968
Goodman, Eric 964
Campbell, Lance 957
Kippen, Rick 956
Smithson, Justin 954
Karmis, Pete 954
Karmis, Ang 954
Myszczyszyn, Tobin 954
Kelly, Brad 943
Trynchuk, Dale 941
Deeg, Phil 929
Humberstone, Paul 921
Wong, Felix 907
Kerr, Chris 906
Simeon, Jamie 900
Moir, Zak 897
x, Mike 893
X, Daniel 892
Jordan, Darren 891
Wood, Greg 882
Daly, Ritchie 876
Spencer, Chad 873
Wilkins, Sam 844
Macdonald, Jon 843
Hodinski, Jasmine 839
Gibson, katy 838
Scaife, Darcy 829
Tse, Desmond 823
Volkman, Dallyn 814
Lehman, Blair 812
x, Tanveer 810
Hasiuk, Jody 805
Fester, David 801
Jackson, Dan 800
Jamerson, Rick 800
Campbell, Carmen 800
X, Uzair 800