Edmonton Foosball at Time Out Pub

The best/main place in the city to find a game is Time Out Pub. There are permanently two tables that are well maintained and looked after about 3 times a week. If you are new to Foosball and just want to check it out, drop by on a Saturday night if you can! Typically there are 10-20 foosers on Saturdays and it is a good time to just play some pick up games and have a good time. Thursday is usually a good night to find a pick up game too, and most nights there are at least a couple foosball players.

Tournament nights are Tuesdays. There is a $5 entry fee (girls play free) and we usually do a DYP (Draw Your Partner) doubles event. Other format’s are Pro/Am where the better half of players are partnered up with the lower half of players and occasionally we do Two Tier DYP’s where the top 8 players play in a separate tournament from everyone else. We play for points in the Edmonton Foosball League and that establishes a rankings of the players in the city. A common goal for Edmonton Foosball players is to make it to the top 10 points list. Join Edmonton Foosball on facebook for regular updates.