EFL Standings Week 3

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IMPORTANT: Schedule Change for this week


Please note that the Schedule has been amended this week. In the original schedule two teams played each other twice – an oversight by the EFL. The schedule has the following changes:
Foosball University vs EEFC changed from 8:00 to 7:30 start time
Rockin Rollers vs FoosFighters both have new opponents and start time. 9:30 at Time Out
Out Of Retirement LOCATION CHANGE to Beer Hunter St. Albert and opponent change to Foss-Ballers
Foos-Ballers opponent change to Out Of Retirement
Bob’s Team opponent change to EEFC
EEFC LOCATION CHANGE and opponent change to Time Out and Bob’s Team.

EFL Standings Week 2


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Top Players List

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EFL Standings

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Top Players List
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Edmonton Foosball League Schedule

Here is the EFL Schedule for the first month:


New League Format

Register your team for the Edmonton Foosball League! The EFL teams play games on Tuesday Nights. The first week for the EFL is October 23rd, schedules will be released on October 19th .
Teams are not allowed to have more than two Pro or Pro Master ranked players based on the Table Soccer Association of Canada’s player rankings. ITSF rules apply to all matches (www.table-soccer.org/rules).

Team Captains must fill out and email the registration form in by Oct 18th – anyone can be a team captain, as long as they have enough players that are willing to join their team. Teams can consist of either 4 or 5 players. You need 4 to have a full roster sheet, with 5 you will have all 5 people playing matches, but some people won’t play an equal amount as others. Each team must pick a home location. The location must be in a public venue that serves food and drinks (liquor not mandatory). The table must be maintained to a reasonable level as determined by the EFL (no broken or missing men, rods lubricated, balls must be round). The table must be made by any ITSF certified manufacturer or Tornado.

If you want to play but do not have a team, you are advised to post on the edmontonfoosball.com message board looking for players. You can also email edmontonfoosball@gmail.com and be a sub for teams when they are missing a player. No team registration fee will apply until 2013 – registration fees will go towards a trophy to have team names engraved upon at the end of each cycle.
Team Registration – Deadline Oct 18th
Team Name: Home Location:
Player Name (First and Last) Phone Number E-mail

Each weekly contest consists of 8 matches – 4 Singles and 4 Doubles. S1 (Singles 1) plays against S1 on the other team. The players compete against each other in 2 games to 7. After those games are complete, the D1 (Doubles 1) teams compete against each other.

The visiting team sets the roster by filling out a Match Card by the time the game starts on game day. Failure to fill out a match card by the starting time results in a loss by the score of 112-36. Anyone on the team can fill out a match card; members of the team must be present by game time at the location to play the match. Any players not present for their game result in a forfeit of 14-0 in that game.
The home team receives the match card at game time from the visiting team, and has 15 minutes to fill out their side of the match card. This allows the home team to set which players they want to have compete against the other teams players.

Every tier will have 4 teams in the tier (or as close as possible to 4 teams in the lower tiers). In a tier of 4 teams each team play against the other 3 teams in a cycle. At the end of the 3 week cycle the top 2 teams in the standings play off against each other on the 4th week, with the winner moving up into the next tier. The lower ranked 2 teams play against each other and the loser of that match moves down a tier.

Foosball at Time Out Pub

There is a lot of Foosball action at Time Out Pub (96 st and 66 ave) right now! Nearly every day of the week you can just drop in and find a game or two… but putting a post up on the Edmontonfoosball.com message board doesn’t hurt if you want to get some competition out. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are pretty much can’t miss nights for finding a room full of Foosers!

Congrats to Team Canada

Edmonton Foosball is proud to congratulate all of the Gold Medal winning Team Canada! Will Stranks, Darcy Scaife, Ben Wilkins, and Christian Dunn from the Edmonton Foosball League were all members of the 7 man team that went over and won the Foosball World Cup in Nantes, France!

Edmonton Foosball League Tables for Sale!

EFL has Foosball tables for sale!

$1150 – Fireball USA Pro Tour Tables! www.fireballtablesoccer.com – Arguably the best Foosball table ever made. Fast rods, great handles, man design, and all around a really cool looking table also! Check the web site for pictures!

$550 – Pathmark Games Heavy Duty Table – Natural wood finish, strong cabinet and decent playability. Far superior to any other table you could buy for under $800, plays similar to a league table, but for a lot better price.

Both prices are including delivery and set up, email edmontonfoosball@gmail.com to purchase!

Tuesday June 7th BIG EVENT!

This week we are going to do a DYT (Draw Your Team) event.

$50 Added, Winning team takes the whole pot!

Last time we did a team event it was one of the favorites by almost everyone, and although we have only done it once (maybe twice?) people ask about it all the time. Everyone seemed to like the format a lot! We will do a double elimination tournament with the teams that are drawn.

Teams will be made up of 4 players per team. If we have about 30 players that would give us 7 or 8 teams.

All the teams will compete in the same tier. When we draw the teams we will put players onto teams based off points.

We will draw the teams so that each team has an even split of Pro, Expert, and Amateur players.
1. Pro
2. Expert
3. Amateur
4. Amateur

When two teams play against each other, we will do games as race to 7 (win by 2 max 9). The games that will be played will be:
1&3 vs 1&3 (Doubles)
2&4 vs 2&4 (Doubles)
1 vs 1 (Singles)
2 vs 2 (Singles)
3 vs 3 (Singles)
4 vs 4 (Singles)
Tiebreak – Rotational 1,2,3,4 vs 1,2,3,4
Each Win counts as 1 point. So if the teams are tied 3-3 after 6 games played, then game 7 is the Tiebreak.

Rotational: every goal your team scores, your team rotates. All 4 players rotate in, so if you are playing back, and your team scores, you sit out for two goals then sub in as forward, then when your team scores you play back, then sit out two more goals.

If your team has 5 players instead of 4, then each match, the same 4 players must not play singles every time. One player will miss out on doubles and one player will miss out on singles, in each match. Hopefully we have enough to do teams of 4 exactly.